Webinar: Digitizing Your Paper-Based T&M Workflow with Rhumbix

Francine HarrisMay 23, 2019 • 2 min read

In a new Rhumbix webinar hosted by Rob McKinney, detailed how technology and automation can improve labor productivity, project communication and documentation. The 60-minute webinar delved into 1) the pains of paper-based T&M workflows, 2) the case for digitization, 3) the four-step process for digitizing your T&M workflow and 4) how Rhumbix T&M solution can increase process efficiency, transparency, and profitability.

The Pains
Rob identified key factors putting pressure on trade contractors and general contractors when using paper-based T&M workflows. Project complexity, design changes and rework are inevitable in construction projects. According to Rob, very rarely does a construction project go from beginning to end without changes to the original project. For example, the average project typically has an additional 5-20% out of scope work. Managing constant change on paper and spreadsheets is difficult! Just think about the number of tickets that are either incorrect, illegible or lost. For a $100M project, the loss could mean anywhere from $5M-$20M.

The Case for Digitization
Why adopt new technology? Rob shares real-world examples of how digitizing a variety of workflows (T&M, timekeeping, daily reports, and safety) can provide a multitude of benefits including increased safety, productivity, moral and healthier bottom line.

The Process
The webinar outlines a 4-step process on how to digitize a workflow. Rob refers to it as the “4-Cs of Digitization.”

  • Convert – How to develop a full digital process from the field to the office
  • Context – How to add key details with photos and statistics for added clarity and proof of change
  • Centralize – How to access data from any place and any time with a cloud-based system
  • Collaborate – How to exchange data in real time

The Promise
Rob shares more about how Rhumbix solutions help owners, contractors and subcontractors avoid the potential risks of manual and paper-based approaches to change orders. It’s a cloud-based paperless solution for reporting, tracking and approving change orders and T&M tags which means faster, easier and more complete data across the board.

Interested in getting learning more? The webinar is available NOW on-demand.  Tune in to hear Rob McKinney the @ConAppGuru talk about the changing landscape of mobile apps; understand how to research, select, and implement new technology for construction projects; and how to develop a system for digitizing T&M workflows by using apps to improve project communication and documentation.

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