The Importance of Construction Project Performance Analytics

RhumbixSeptember 12, 2022 • 4 min read

It’s true that “time is money” in construction, but perhaps the more accurate statement would be that “time is costly in construction.” Every hour spent in a delay, rework, or administrative effort represents a high cost to resources, budget, and overall project success. With a stronger view of project performance, construction teams can make better decisions around project efforts and resource allocation while avoiding additional costs from inefficient time management.

The critical performance data your team needs to better manage their project time and resources are buried in your pre-existing workflows like timekeeping, daily construction reports, and out-of-scope work tracking. But capturing this data is only half the battle. Delivering performance insights that can drive project decision-making requires two critical components—timeliness and accessibility.

  1. Timeliness: Project environments are constantly shifting, and small delays can have cascading effects, derailing work timelines and budgets if not quickly addressed. The difference of two hours, two days, or two weeks in performance reporting can be the difference between avoiding a delay, mitigating its effects, or completely rebuilding your production plans and budget.
  2. Accessibility: The right people need the right data at the right time. And more importantly, it needs to be in a format from which they can easily query, process, and make recommendations. Burying the decision-making context your team needs in spreadsheets and paperwork adds additional time and resource requirements and prevents your team from taking timely and effective action.

The solution to timeliness and accessibility is providing your team with real-time analytic dashboards. By visualizing and centralizing critical performance metrics, your team can quickly and easily surface the details they need to understand the time and resource utilization and production trends on their projects.

The Analytics Performance Advantage

While most performance metrics are buried in spreadsheets, lost in paperwork, or located across disconnected systems, delivering timely project updates on performance and production to your team is more important than ever. Construction project performance analytics are vital to project success because they provide a complete picture of your reporting from different sources and put it in one place, making insights discoverable in real-time. To effectively understand construction productivity and avoid costly delays and errors, construction teams need real-time visibility into critical performance metrics surrounding time and resource utilization. 

Project performance analytics offer:

  • Centralized Visibility into Project Performance
  • Detailed Insights into Time and Material Utilization
  • Faster Identification of Actual or Potential Production Issues
  • Easier Tracking and Benchmarking

Rhumbix Field Analytix™ simplifies how your team connects with project performance by bringing together critical time and resource data into configurable and centralized dashboards. With its leading structured time data approach, Rhumbix Field Analytix™ generates production data insights in real-time down to the cost code level that can be easily searched, filtered, and shared. The most successful construction firms use Rhumbix to unlock the benefits of time & resource management, allowing them to focus their resources on work that delivers the most value to their company and their clients. 

Building Analytics that Work for You

The companies that get the most out of their time and resource management solutions invest in performance analytics that offers these three capabilities:  

  • Mobility. Our mobile-first solution is easy to use and simplifies data collection while increasing the accuracy of the information collected, allowing a quick understanding of the time and resource utilization and production trends on projects.
  • Data. With Rhumbix, real-time insights into labor, material, and equipment usage are at your command. Instantly share and access project analytics dashboards to enable timely insights for teams to anticipate and resolve issues faster.
  • Configurability. Move from spreadsheets to dashboards and visualize data your way for a single view into project performance. Empower stakeholders with expedited decision-making.

How Rhumbix Field Analytix™ delivers Performance Insights Effortlessly

Give your team a real-time view of their construction performance to effectively manage time and project resources. Easily collected production data is pulled directly from the field with our leading mobile app and automatically generates critical analytics into labor, cost code utilization, and production rates across your crews and projects. With Rhumbix Field Analytix™, you receive:

  • A single view into project performance
  • Instant project performance visibility
  • Project time allocation breakdown
  • Total workers and hours by project or region
  • Labor breakdown by specific worker type
  • Labor and staffing trends across projects
  • Equipment & materials usage reporting
  • Start dashboards from templates or create them from scratch
  • Organize dashboards into folders
  • Roll out custom dashboards across your company
  • Create alerts and schedule reports
  • Access and build dashboards using existing timekeeping and production tracking templates

Rhumbix is the single source for construction performance analytics that can connect your data across crews and projects for unrivaled visibility into productivity and project performance. With Rhumbix Field Analytix™, you receive reporting done your way. Our time and resource tracking deliver the mobility, data, and configurability needed to streamline your field workflows and enable real-time performance insights.

Construction teams across the U.S. and Canada use Rhumbix to manage critical project performance analytics reporting. Because Rhumbix is configurable and built for mobile, you can use the cloud-based platform to simplify your project analytics reporting needs. Make your field workflows work for you. Capture the jobsite data you need for project reporting so you can plan, mitigate risks, and unlock performance insights like never before. 

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