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Success Spotlight: St. Andrews Electric

Francine HarrisApril 17, 2020 • 1 min read

As your company scales, it’s common to experience challenges or setbacks since the systems and strategies that work on a smaller scale may not be effective when applied across a larger organization.

But with foresight, planning, and the right tools, construction firms can be well positioned for success.

Today’s Success Spotlight
Founded in 1996, Colorado-based St. Andrews Construction Services Corp, provides construction management, general construction, telecommunication, traffic infrastructure, and specialty electrical services. As an active member of the community, St. Andrews has enjoyed consistent and sustained local success. But as projects increased, the workforce grew to 10+ foremen and nearly 55 field workers. Inefficiencies of current procedures quickly became evident. The team recognized that as the business grew these inefficiencies would grow too, becoming bigger and more problematic as they accumulate.

Duties, such as timekeeping and payroll, that the team handled manually could not scale successfully.

Foremen were not tracking time daily, so end-of-week submissions were filled with errors/omissions or delayed until the following week. The payroll process was painful and estimated to take nearly 60% longer than necessary.

They wanted a digitized timekeeping solution that was mobile and cloud-based yet would not take months to learn. The solution needed to meet their immediate challenges, but would also scale with their company.

Find out more about how St. Andrews Electric they implemented Rhumbix in just a handful of weeks.  Click here to read the full case study to learn the quantifiable—and scalable—benefits!

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