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Sprig Electric Playing a Vital Role in the Growth of Silicon Valley

Francine HarrisApril 17, 2020 • 1 min read

Silicon Valley serves as a global center for technology with thousands of companies headquartered in the region and long recognized as the beating heart of continuous innovation and creativity. Much of Silicon Valley’s present success is rooted in the philosophy that ideas alone are worth very little and that real success in business requires strategic execution and refinement.

Today’s Success Spotlight
‘Wiring the Silicon Valley’ is not simply a tagline, but a full-fledged reality for Sprig Electric, one of California’s largest electrical contractor firms. With clients such as eBay, Google, LinkedIn, and Samsung, exceeding client expectations by delivering on time and on budget is a must. So, when the Sprig team realized that their inefficient paper-based, manual timekeeping process was costing them approximately $36,000 a week in resources, they made the switch to the Rhumbix solution.

A collaborative pilot program delivered immediate quantitative results and substantial savings to their team of 600 field workers and 180 project foremen. A few short months later, boasting 100% user adoption and satisfaction, the Rhumbix digital timekeeping solution reduced the process from 360 hours a week to just a handful!

Find out more about Sprig Electric and click here to read the full case study.

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