Boost Productivity Through App Integrations

Jonathan BarnesAugust 08, 2019 • 2 min read

A paradox of construction technology is that tools designed to simplify workflows can sometimes make things more complex. This is a problem often seen with various construction applications—many work well on their own, but not so well together.

Of course, sometimes that’s by design since some companies would rather their tools don’t work well with others. The market is forcing them to change because as any construction pro knows that when signals get mixed on a project, mistakes happen. Time is wasted fixing those mistakes, which can be costly. And with the slim profit margins in the construction industry, re-work and overruns can devour profits.

Applications that cause confusion on a construction project and don’t communicate well with each other, are increasingly receiving pushback from contractors and more project owners who are asking for integrations between applications. Users want a more open atmosphere with their architecture engineering construction (AEC) software, and consultants are responding. Some tech consultants are offering clients specialized integrations between tools, and not much more.

But Rhumbix is providing seamless connectivity between various tools, fostering greater productivity and helping foremen to maximize job performance.

Rhumbix offers integrations with leading tech providers including Sage 100 and 300, Viewpoint, and Spectrum. Combined with these powerful tools, the Rhumbix mobile solution enables foremen to monitor workers and jobsites from anywhere. The Rhumbix platform automates timekeeping, daily reports, field photos, productivity, impacts and delays, and notes.

At its core, Rhumbix’s technology is field collection and reporting and you can use that information to further evaluate productivity, and determine changing needs, identify problem areas, and measure crew performance over the short-term and long-term.

With Rhumbix’s scalable tool, data collection is simplified, through:

·   Digitizing and Standardizing Data—Providing the job data to the user as it happens, foremen are empowered to make decisions based on up-to-the-minute info

·   Benchmarking and Analyzing Performance—Tracking progress and finding problems immediately, users also can measure project profitability daily

·   Optimizing Productivity—Companies that use Rhumbix can work towards increasing their profit margin  by lowering risk and overhead, while simultaneously scrutinizing their weaknesses

It’s not just owners and general contractors driving the change; across the industry, experts also see the many advantages greater integration will bring. The Construction Open Software Alliance (COSA), is a community of construction professionals who support open integration standards in construction software. COSA is perhaps the most public face on the topic of increasing integrations that’s been growing for years and which will no doubt continue.

Rhumbix users won’t have to worry—our mobile and web tools will keep pace with that upward trend.


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