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Rhumby: The First Comic Strip For Construction By Construction

RhumbixApril 17, 2020 • 1 min read

Here at Rhumbix one of our core values is Worker’s First. It’s what drives how and why we build the products that live on the Rhumbix Field Data Platform. This means sitting down with users, doing site walkthroughs, and thoughtfully onboarding every new client. Additionally, we are always looking for ways to bring Worker First to the industry. The Foremen of the Future contest provides an opportunity for teams to nominate their best, forward-thinking, tech-driven workers. Nominate a team member today!

This week we introduce a new concept in putting Workers First, Rhumby, the industry’s first comic strip for construction by construction. We hope it brings a smile or makes you laugh. We promise to bring you a new strip each week. Feel free to download, share, print, hang it on the wall. Being responsible for the built world is serious business, but everyone could use a laugh or two along the way.

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Have an idea for a strip? Funny jobsite story? Send us a note and we might just pick your story and turn it into a comic strip, email!


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