Rhumbix Web Release Update | April/May 2022

Chelsie La VrarSeptember 12, 2022 • 2 min read

Here’s what’s new in the Rhumbix Web App for April and May 2022!

April 2022

While there were no feature updates in April, there were a few minor bug fixes to make the user experience smoother.

Bug Fixes

  • Guest Mode Available for Foreman: The new form share experience, Guest Mode, was not available for Foreman users. This problem has been resolved, and Foreman users can now use Guest Mode. For more information about Guest Mode, Click Here.
  • PCO Dashboard for GC users: It was reported that sporadically, GC users could not edit PCO numbers for selected projects in the right rail. In addition, the PCO selector did not display the subs associated with the selected project. Both of these issues have now been resolved.
  • Timekeeping Weekly View: A UI issue was discovered on the timekeeping Weekly View page. The signature box would pop open behind the Weekly View page when a user hovered over “signed.” The issue has been resolved.
  • Links in automated emails: A problem was reported with links not appearing correctly in automated emails from Rhumbix. The issue has been resolved.

May 2022

There was one minor feature improvement in May and some minor bug fixes.


  • New column in Field Workflow: Users now have access to a “Last Shared On” column on their form dashboards. The column displays the most recent date the form was shared.

Bug Fixes

  • Collaborators in Field Workflows: Collaborators did not appear correctly on previously shared forms in Field Workflows. The issue has now been resolved.
  • API v3 equipment endpoint: It was reported that the API v3 equipment endpoint displayed the Rhumbix Caltrans ID but not the Client Caltrans ID. This issue has been resolved, and the equipment endpoint now returns the Client Caltrans ID.

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