Rhumbix Improvements | Web v3.135

Chelsie La VrarJuly 11, 2022 • 2 min read

Rhumbix has released v3.135 of the Web App! v3.135 brings the exciting launch of our new API v3 to improve performance and ease of use. This update also includes renaming GC Reference # to Potential Change Order # (PCO).

Launch of Public API v3

We’re very excited to release a new version of our Rhumbix Public API. The new Public API version is designed to be more performant (than v2) and better support frequent updates and large or repetitive queries. We’ve also added several new query parameter options for improved ease of use/access to your Rhumbix dataset. Any new integrations or major rework should be built using v3. We’ve summarized the most significant changes between v2 and v3 here in the API docs. All new functionality moving forward will be added to v3 of the Public API.

T&M: GC Ref # is now PCO #

After gathering some helpful T&M feedback, we’ve renamed GC Ref # to PCO #, short for Potential Change Order. We’ve also extended the management of the project PCO # list to standalone subcontractors using Rhumbix to manage their PCO #’s on their own for certain deployments and projects that do not have a GC project share enabled. This does require a specific T&M type and configuration to be enabled.

GC# renamed to PCO

You can always find more information about Rhumbix on our Support Center. You can also reach out with any questions to Support@Rhumbix.com or call in at 855.RHUMBIX (855.748.6249). Be sure to opt-in for automatic updates on our Rhumbix Blog to always be caught up with the latest!

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