Rhumbix Improvements | Web v3.105

Johnny ChangSeptember 10, 2020 • 2 min read

Our team at Rhumbix has released v3.105 of the Web-App! v3.105 brings new updates to the calendar and date selector in the right rail.

Right Rail Calendar

The right rail navigation now uses one calendar format throughout the Web App to make the end user experience more intuitive. In the right rail, there will now be one or two inputs for dates. You can click on the date field to reveal a calendar where you can select the date, or you can type the date into the input. For the timekeeping week view you will notice the second date field is grayed out, this will be the case for any set time range view. Please see below for visuals.

Weekly View

On Daily View, only one calendar will populate. You can type in the date, select the date in the calendar, and use the left and right date arrows to navigate through time.

Daily View

On Weekly View, there are two inputs, but users can only interact with the first input. Users can type in the date, select the date in the calendar, and use the left and right date arrows. You can select any date in the given week and it will select the week’s range.

All Other List Views

For all other list views, there will be two inputs. Users can select the start date in the first input and end date in the second to make a custom range. Because users can set custom ranges, there are no left and right date arrows.

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