Rhumbix Improvements | Web 3.82

Johnny ChangOctober 30, 2019 • 3 min read

We are excited to announce some much-requested updates to the Rhumbix application in Web v3.82. In addition to bug fixes, these improvements include a new In-Email Referral program, a History for Field Forms to see edits, and the option to now add Non-Standard Materials to T&M Forms!

In-Email Referral 

Field Form users are now able to refer their colleagues and teammates to join Rhumbix! When users receive T&M emails, there will now be a link in the email to a referral page where they can share Rhumbix to other members of their organization. You’ll get some Rhumbix Swag, and they’ll have free access to Rhumbix for their first three months!

Here, you can click on “Spread the Word” to share it with your teammates, or copy/paste the link below the button to access.

History for Field Forms

Field Form users can now see the history of every edit made to their T&M Forms using the new history button in the table. This will be a helpful tool to see what was changed on a T&M Form and who made the edit, which will provide higher visibility and streamline communication.

On your T&M Tracking page, simply scroll all the way to the right and you’ll see the new History button next to View.

This will then populate a list of the history of edits for that T&M Form with all the information you’ll need!

Field Form Action Buttons

For efficient workflow and added clarity, we have made changes to our Field Form approval workflow! Now instead of clicking on Actions leading to a drop-down menu of approval options, we have added action buttons to streamline the approval workflow.

Simply click on one of the buttons to move the Field Form onto the next status, and the next user will have access to do the same!

Add Non-Standard Materials

T&M customers now have the ability to add “Non-Standard Material” to their T&M Forms. Users will be able to capture one-off purchases and record them in our T&M Form. The total of the Non-Standard Materials will be added to the estimated total of the T&M Form.

Essentially, this means that if a user is filling out a T&M Form and they want to add a material that isn’t already listed in your Rhumbix account or with that specific project, they can now do so. In the same place where they’d go to “Add Material,” they can select “Add Non-Standard Material” to add the free form materials onto the T&M Form. 

This new feature ensures that your team will have the Rhumbix platform ready for any unexpected additions to your project while out in the field!

You can always find more information about Rhumbix on our Support Center. You can also reach out with any questions to Support@Rhumbix.com, or call in at 855.RHUMBIX (855.748.6249). Be sure to opt-in for automatic updates on our Rhumbix Blog to always be caught up with the latest!

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