Rhumbix Hires Director of Sales, Gregg Schipp

Nicky SykoraSeptember 26, 2022 • 3 min read

Rhumbix added to its leadership team with the appointment of Gregg Schipp as its new Director of Sales. Gregg brings six years of experience in sales and construction software solutions and will be responsible for growing Rhumbix’s sales and business development initiatives. Alongside Rhumbix’s leadership team, he will work to advance the GTM strategy for Rhumbix. Before joining Rhumbix, Gregg served as Sales Manager with Raken, Inc. and managed the SDR and Core Market Sales teams. 

“During my tenure in the construction software space, I’ve learned how critical construction software is in providing real-time project visibility and aiding in effective communication from field to office. Construction is a complex industry that requires not only the physical tools to be effective but the digital tools to be effective as well,” Schipp said. 

We asked Gregg to address some of the current problems facing the construction industry and what can be done to empower construction professionals. Here’s what he had to say.

What problems do you see currently plaguing the industry? What can be done to solve them?

Gregg: The construction industry is currently facing multiple challenges. Among them are a labor shortage and increased material costs. Organizations struggle to find enough skilled workers to execute and manage their projects effectively, leading to decreased production and missed deadlines. 

Additionally, the cost of building materials continues to rise, impacting the total construction costs for all contractors. As a result, having systems like Rhumbix that enable real-time visibility into project performance is absolutely critical. Ineffective communication and limited jobsite visibility can plague the success of any construction project. Across all three major cost-related items – Labor, Material, and Equipment – time is the common component that is critical to track and measure. Managing time and resources ensures you stay on schedule and on budget

Rhumbix plays a critical role for contractors in allowing them to capture this information from the field in real-time and centralize the collected data in the office. Our solutions configure the details to support their business needs and connect the data dots to measure current project performance and inform future business decisions. 

Rhumbix provides the field and office with the tools necessary to ensure effective communication and real-time visibility, not to mention the common component of risk that is present on every jobsite. While risk can’t be entirely eliminated, you can put mechanisms in place to ensure a safer jobsite. Rhumbix empowers the field and puts workers first to ensure they have the tools and resources available to ensure a safe jobsite.

Where do you see the future of construction going? 

Gregg: Labor shortages and rising construction costs will likely continue to challenge the industry for some time. As a result, contractors will need to innovate with new competitive ideas, including adopting construction technology that enables real-time project visibility to manage their projects effectively. 

An increasing number of regulations and requirements means more and more contractors need best-in-breed technology to better track and manage their reporting across all resources. Mobility is also a massive factor in the future of construction. Jobsites are busy places that require long hours and focus. Any technology that enables you to do your work more efficiently must be accessible at your fingertips. 

Empowering field workers with tools to quickly and efficiently communicate critical updates to the office provides greater confidence across the entire organization.

Furthermore, the ability to collect information is only one component of the future of construction. The ability to analyze and act on this information has always been the ultimate goal of reporting. Still, a lack of accessibility and configured analytics has locked the most critical data away for most contractors. Contractors can stay one step ahead of the game with informed business decisions based on the data collected from jobsites.

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