The People Behind the Product

Francine HarrisJuly 11, 2018 • 2 min read

Of all the lessons learned on the school playground, perhaps the most important is “what’s going to work? Teamwork!” Teamwork is an important skill but, unlike coding or building, it cannot be taught by an instruction manual. Craft workers can identify that intangible smoothness when all of the contractors on the field work well together. Some way, somehow, it just works. We at Rhumbix believe in taking that cohesiveness of a productive construction site and applying it to all aspects of building, including technology. A great tech team embraces the potential for innovation through the elements that it offers.

Dynamic Viewpoints: It pays to play in multiple fields when designing and determining technology solutions. When a team is rich in diverse experiences, it shows throughout the planning, zoning, and building stages both on and off the field. Our team benefits from a veteran-led founding team whose members’ backgrounds include military expertise, business operations, and sustainable energy work. Their unique contributions culminate in the steady mission to build tech that puts workers first.

Specific Vision: Whether you’re just starting out or a veteran in the field, you probably know that the industry has “tech fever” and is enjoying a wave of incoming technologies it has never seen before. It’s reshaping how the world is built, one megabyte at a time. However, it can be tempting for even the most discerning construction professional to get caught up in constantly pursuing the latest solutions, putting themselves (and their team!) on a rat wheel. They feel like they are working hard—and they are—but they are unfortunately not moving forward. The diversity of digital solutions is both a blessing and a curse. Detailed goals with measurable outcomes are necessary to enjoy the full benefits of 21st-century tools, and those are determined by a great team.

Pointed Implementation: Technology is only as good as the team behind it. That’s why our product fosters the necessary feedback, analytics, and consistent communication that drives project goals. We know that everyone comes to the field with varying levels of digital fluency, so we designed the Rhumbix Solution to be easily accessible by everyone, right from their mobile phones, to ensure that all workers are involved in building and can contribute in meaningful ways to definitive outcomes. From our stellar team to yours, Rhumbix captures the dynamic of a great, communicative experience on the field and implements it for everyone involved in building. Now that works.

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