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Nicky SykoraNovember 09, 2022 • 3 min read

As a subcontractor, you understand that building lasting business relationships takes more than a winning bid. It’s about reliability, delivering on the work, and communicating with partners in real-time across the field and office.

Rhumbix Guest Mode allows Subcontractors to capture external approvals on time and material work from key project stakeholders who are not currently using the Rhumbix platform. With Guest Mode, General Contractors can easily work within Rhumbix to review and approve time and materials tickets without having to directly sign up for a Rhumbix account. This powerful feature means both Subcontractors and General Contractors can enjoy the benefits of digital time and materials tags to save time and simplify the approval process.

With Rhumbix, you can:

  • Share forms instantly with partners not using the Rhumbix platform.
  • Collaborate, sign and verify time and materials approvals with non-Rhumbix users.
  • Easily group and share detailed, professional-looking time and materials tickets
  • Expedite time and materials approvals with easy adoption and simple automation.


Manual Sign-offs

With Guest Mode, Rhumbix users do not have to track down their GC rep in the field and get them to verify and sign off on the time and materials form. No longer do they have to worry about locating reps or finding out they are not on-site when needed. With Guest Mode and centralized reporting dashboards, Rhumbix provides complete visibility into ticket approval status across all your projects and teams.

Common Pain Points:

  • Time wasted trying to find approvers in the field to receive sign-off.
  • Delayed time and materials approval process for all business parties.
  • Frustrating partner experience for GCs, Owners, and other partners.
  • Lack of visibility into time & materials approvals for the field and project teams.


Subcontractors can now receive time and materials approvals without the need to track down your GC in the field or have them directly sign up for Rhumbix. Easily share time and materials forms from the Rhumbix platform with your partners, and have them verify and approve from virtually any location. 

Guest Mode Benefits: 

  • Expedited time & materials approvals
  • Simplified communication
  • Easily track all external collaborators
  • Share forms with GCs from the field
  • Improved project collaboration
  • No Guest signup or app downloads required
  • Consistent, professional-looking reports


With Guest Mode, Rhumbix users are in control. Subcontractors using Rhumbix can set the permission external approvers will have access to within the Rhumbix platform. Subs can choose to have these Guests “view only,” or allow them to add “signatures only.”

Once a Rhumbix user adds their partner to Guest Mode, the external approvers can begin collaborating immediately by accessing the Rhumbix platform through their email invite. No account login is necessary for Guests to access, view, and send their time and materials approvals through Rhumbix. Getting started is as simple as opening an email and clicking “Access the time and materials tag.” 

With Rhumbix Guest Mode for time and materials tracking, you can: 

  • Allow Guests to access and interact with time and materials data within Rhumbix.
  • Bypass Guest signups to view and approve your time and materials forms. 
  • Stay in control and set Guest permissions within the Rhumbix platform.
  • Share forms instantly with partners in the field and office not using the Rhumbix platform.
  • Collaborate, sign and verify time and materials approvals with non-Rhumbix users.
  • Expedite time and materials approvals with easy adoption and simple automation.

The Rhumbix construction software platform is easy-to-use and creates an open communication channel from the field to the home office. With Guest Mode, Subcontractors have the ability they need to get immediate approvals from external approvers.


Rhumbix is made for construction by construction. Since we designed our Time & Materials Tracking and other products to be mobile-first and used in the field, Subcontractors and their external approves can begin using Time & Materials Tracking as soon as they are provided access. Now your company can capture approvals on-demand to improve jobsite productivity. 

Schedule a Guest Mode demo today.  

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