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The Mobility Advantage: Capture and Share Information

RhumbixJuly 11, 2022 • 5 min read

For those of you who don’t know Rhumbix, we’re here to help the construction industry get more done with simplified reporting through field-ready tools that deliver on three core construction needs—Mobility, Data, and Configurability.

Most construction teams are using a combination of paper, PDFs, and spreadsheets to capture and manage their critical field reports like timekeeping and time and materials. While these reporting methods have been sufficient in the past, the added hours and resources required can be daunting and are often ineffective. 

From tracking down and collecting physical reports to correcting reporting errors and omissions to re-entering data into payroll and ERP systems, traditional field reporting tools create massive headaches with little additional value. Most Foremen, PMs, and payroll teams are each spending anywhere between 5-10 hours each week on basic administrative tasks rather than focusing on critical project work. To add insult to injury, most of this field reporting fails to provide the timely and actionable insights that field and project teams can use to anticipate and avoid delays and overruns.

The need for real-time project and field reporting is not going anywhere. Construction teams will continue to be required to capture daily and weekly reports in order to run payroll, track out-of-scope work, promote safety measures and ensure jobsite compliance. If reporting has to happen, the real question becomes, “how does your team reduce the required time and resources while turning your field data into a competitive advantage?”

Better Reporting Starts with Mobility

As you are aware, construction is built on coordination—making sure plans, crews, materials, and equipment are working together are critical to success. Having access to the most accurate, real-time information from the field makes successful coordination possible. All three of these construction elements—accessibility, accuracy, and timeliness—depend on mobility. 

Ease-of-use and worker adoption depend on mobility. Whether you choose a new hammer or a technology solution, no construction tool is worth the investment if it goes unused. If we want our teams to adopt and consistently use a tool, we have to make it fit with the way they work. Accessing a tool whenever and wherever they need it is critical, and for most of the construction industry, that means a tool must be mobile-ready for the field.

By focusing on mobility in the field, our tools empower the rest of the organization with better data. With increased field accessibility and ease-of-use comes significant gains in the accuracy, consistency, and timeliness needed for better project management, resource planning, and payroll processing.

Mobility enables better, faster, more accurate reporting and creates value and time savings across the organization. Sharing accurate work details starts in the field. By providing field teams with easy-to-use, mobile-ready tools, project data can be captured at the source and instantly shared to project stakeholders and planning tools for faster, more informed decision-making. What would it mean to have field data at your fingertips?

Breaking down Mobility in Construction

Having access to tools on your phone or laptop is nice, but it’s not the only critical mobility element for a construction solution. The true essence of mobility is having exactly what you need for the job when you need it. Part of this accessibility means streamlining features and information to what is essential for the job and removing the irrelevant elements. The following aspects of mobility drive increased usage and value to both the user and organization:

Ease of Use The simpler a tool is to use, the greater chance it will be utilized consistently on the jobsite. Ease of use ensures that teams use a tool when and where needed.
Rapid Implementation Tool utilization depends on how easy training and deployment are. Scaling a solution across crew, projects, and entire organizations requires easy, painless implementation.
Increased Accuracy Accuracy requires information to be captured as close to the sources as possible. Mobility enables the right people to capture more precise and timely details.
Real-time Reporting Share and access project details instantly from wherever the job takes you. Enabling timely insights means teams can better anticipate and effectively resolve issues sooner.
One Source of Truth Bringing together information into one place keeps everyone on the same page. The larger and more mobile your team is, the more vital it is to centralize how and where people can find the details they need. 

How Rhumbix Delivers Mobility


Simplify how your team captures field reports with an easy-to-use, mobile-first tool built for the field’s unique needs. Deliver better reporting in a fraction of the time with preloaded project lists, auto-generated fields, attached photos and notes, and cloud-based submissions.

Rapidly Implemented

Take your planning, ERP, and BI tools further with an easy-to-use tool that can be rapidly implemented across your team. Connect valuable field data to drive more accurate insights into productivity, cost exposure, and resource planning.

Offers increased reporting accuracy

Capture more than just work hours. Utilize pre-loaded crew, cost codes, and equipment list to ensure better accuracy over the life of your project. Attach notes and photos to provide greater context into work performed.

Provides real-time reporting

No more in-person drop-off, reporting delays. or double-entering details. Instantly share and access clear, well-documented project reporting from wherever you are. With Rhumbix, you no longer need to wait for payroll or ERP for updates.

One Source of Truth

Streamline your most essential field workflows, submit back-office and ERP-ready reports, and track submissions and approvals from a single, centralized dashboard to keep the info you need at your fingertips.

With digital reporting built for the field and cloud-based submissions, your team has real-time visibility at their fingertips. The difference between manual reporting and best-in-class mobile app reporting can add up to days of time savings. 

Simplify Your Field Reporting and Get More Done

Ineffectively capturing field data through paper and spreadsheets creates compounding problems throughout a workflow putting your project at risk. To maximize value and efficiency, reporting must be consistent, accurate, timely, and accessible. Mobility is essential to the success of any reporting tool. 

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