Field Analytix March Updates | Labor Distribution & Cost Code Status Mobile

Dylan BarrSeptember 12, 2022 • 3 min read

Rhumbix has released a Field Analytix update which brings Cost Code Status to mobile and Labor Distribution with combines and improves upon the previous Labor Distribution Summary & Details beta dashboards.

Labor Distribution

We are delighted to launch this new Field Analytix dashboard which is an enhanced version of prior Labor Distribution Summary & Labor Distribution Details beta dashboards with additional breath, depth, and flexibility. Labor distribution dashboard is useful for making staffing, resource allocation, and labor management decisions. This dashboard provides a very high level summary and drill down functionalities to gain insight from which Trades and Classifications are spending hours across your projects. We have introduced a few settings – view by trade, class, trade & class, headcount or hours, trends by day, week, month – which allows you to view this dashboard by various segments and date intervals.

Labor Distribution Summary
Make quick sense of your filter criteria with total values then see summary breakouts overall and by project.
Labor Distribution
View period over period ratios and changes and view visualize the segments over time as discrete values or a percentage.

Who gets access:

  • All customers who have access to the prior Labor Distribution Summary or Labor Distribution Detail Dashboards.

Target Personas:

  • Operations Execs/Managers
  • General Superintendents/Labor Managers
  • Project Execs/Managers

Key Features/Functionalities:

  • Various settings available:
    • View by segments: Trade, Class, or Trade & Class
    • Analyze by Headcount or Hours
    • See the data trends by Day, Week, or Month Date Granularities
  • Project, Trade, Class, Date Range multi/search filters to support any level of analysis
    • Select “is not null” or “is not blank” to view all projects you have access to. Please note, this can exceed the total number rows that can be visualized in some visualizations.
  • Drill down options to look into the details on most elements
  • Period-over-period reporting w/ % change

Mobile Cost Code Status

The Cost Code Status Dashboard is a great place to compare budget versus actual hours. From here you can see how many hours remaining at the project or cost code level. Users can see how they’re doing across multiple activities using the filter to view by cost code group or multiple cost codes. Hours percent complete can be compared quickly to work percent complete to know if the user is ahead or behind their budget overall or by code.

Cost Code Status Mobile
View period over period ratios and change and view visualizes the segments over time as discrete values or a percentage.

Who gets access:

All the same users with access to Cost Code Status dashboard on web get access to Cost Code Status on mobile. All companies with access to Budget Cost Codes generally have these on.

Target Personas:

  • Any Mobile Users in companies that budget cost codes:
    • Foreman
    • PM
    • Payroll Admin
    • Admin

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