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Connect Excel and Rhumbix To Use Your Data In Either Application

Kayla RockwellApril 08, 2020 • 1 min read

We are pleased to announce our new Microsoft Excel Connector. This connector helps you get your valuable data out of Rhumbix and into Excel to be manipulated in a variety of ways. We understand that it’s not a one size fits all with processes and systems. Different trades, projects, and job sites are all contributing factors to how you slice and dice data.

We believe in making your life easier, at least when it comes paperwork and data on the jobsite. After all, the data in Rhumbix belongs to you! Construction analysis and data review have been run in Excel for years; you likely have specific models or pivot tables you run data through, now you can run that analysis with all your Rhumbix data right from the app.

This connector lives natively within Excel. It connects via an API key which will then allow you to pull over a plethora of data like field notes, shift start time, approvals and more. You won’t have to spend time download CSV exports, this information ports right over. Want to learn more? If you’re a current client reach out to your client success contact and they’ll get you set up. Not using Rhumbix yet? Get started today and start collecting all of your timekeeping data digitally.  

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