Embracing New Construction Technology That's Sustainable

Francine HarrisAugust 08, 2019 • 2 min read

We have all heard the phrase “no pain no gain,” and perhaps no one relates to it more than the dedicated craft workers who put hours of physical labor into a project. Project managers and office team members experience their fair share of trouble as well, from budget overages, to delays, to adoption issues of new tech and processes. Is there an easier way to tech adoption on the jobsite?

These concerns are not outliers. In fact, 54% of CMOs admitted that they’re not sure whether their latest investments in tech will provide value to their organization. In an age when the next smartphone, electric car, or Pokemon Go game is just around the corner, sustainability is a rare value that goes a long way. That’s why we’re running a new series on our blog called No Sustain No Gain (#NoSustainNoGain). Each post, we’ll examine a different aspect of sustainable construction technology implementation that addresses concerns and common pitfalls that happen along the way. We know that construction apps can and are being consistently utilized as long-term solutions to complex problems in the field, and want all of our readers to find sustainable success with these up-and-coming solutions.

  • Improvement All Around: Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen predicted a divide between disruptive and sustainable innovation in every industry. Construction technology is no different. Organizational structures and networks, both often conceived as side aspects, are key to Christensen’s innovation model. The best leaders seek improvement not only in the day-to-day surface tools, but in the grounding foundation that forms the basis for how your team communicates and builds together.
  • Sustained Change: The most successful players in the field both disrupt (sometimes, politely interrupt!) the status-quo and create lasting changes that are felt by other construction teams. This does not mean that they drop a new construction app, service, or method on the table and leave it. Rather, they hone it to actively participate in construction technology’s development long-term. Commitment to the evolution is what sustains the best innovators and adaptors.
  • A New Approach: We find that what makes most professionals apprehensive about new construction technology is that they, nor anyone else, can speak for its long-term implications because they do not exist yet. But successful teams don’t just sit on the sidelines and wait for others’ results. They make their own. In the field of construction, this means continuing to enjoy existing frameworks within new contexts and in-the-field tools, such as Rhumbix.

About Rhumbix: We know that the best technology provides you with a way to get to work, faster. Rhumbix Field Intelligence Platform is a digital solution that improves every aspect of daily construction operations with better data from the field to the home office. Rhumbix boosts productivity, craft worker morale, and building quality while providing a field experience that teams love.

Coming Next Week: Sustainable Environmental Practices = Sustainable Business Models, and Here’s Why

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