#EmergeRX Series: How Digital Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Francine HarrisJuly 12, 2018 • 2 min read

Every great project starts with an ambitious goal shared by a motivated team. Unfortunately, if teamwork isn’t a part of the plan, the great project can end there, too. Construction presents a unique set of challenges when it comes to working as a team. Teams on a construction site or project are typically scattered between the office, field, and outside meetings. Today’s most popular tech has been modeled to suit office-based needs, but is not necessarily enhanced for field-to-office communication. Fortunately, industry-specific solutions, such as Rhumbix, have reliable communication tools built for the unique relationship between the field and the home office. Of course, digital teamwork is still work, and strategic (albeit less tiring) navigation of the tools at hand is key to realizing the success of employing them. Here’s how we make it happen.

  • Encourage consistent, pointed communication: Casual small talk is a great way to get to know your co-workers but it shouldn’t replace pointed and essential communication. Daily notes are constructive and can provide an outlet for check-ins which don’t seem intrusive or micromanaging. Timestamps allow PMs to keep track of who has and hasn’t been in contact so that they can plan their communications accordingly.
  • Collaborate to build ideas: Big things are happening this year by incredible group initiatives. We know that craft workers, payroll managers, and every employee in between is essential to delivering that project to completion. Unfortunately, the field is not always the best site for brainstorming sessions. On a digital platform, the entire team shares a collaborative space to receive feedback, and keep everyone abreast of project progress all from the convenience of a mobile device.

About Rhumbix: We know that the best technology provides you with a way to get to work, faster. Rhumbix Field Intelligence Platform is a digital solution that improves every aspect of daily construction operations with better data from the field to the home office. Rhumbix boosts productivity, craft worker morale, and building quality while providing a field experience that teams love.

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