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8 Construction Project Management Tools for Your Next Job

Rhumbix Editorial StaffApril 20, 2020 • 5 min read

Are you managing a construction project? How about more than one?

No matter how many projects you’re managing, you should consider using a project management tool.

What’s so helpful about a project management tool? For one thing, you’ll be able to track information in one dedicated tool.

Whether you’re looking to cut costs or have better organization, a project management tool can be extremely helpful.

Not convinced? Read on to learn about eight helpful construction project management tools you should consider using for your next job.

1. Basecamp

Basecamp is a fantastic project management tool that provides you with the versatility that a modern business needs.

Whether your business is small or large, you’ll love that this tool is available for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. It’s also available as a web-based tool.

Store files and manage day-to-day tasks all in one place. And don’t forget to use the chat feature. No more switching between screens of conversations and project info–you’ll have it all in one place!

Some great features of this tool include a to-do list, a message board, and automatic check-ins.

2. TimeCamp 3.0

This web-based tool provides more effective communication as you carry out your construction plans. With the user-friendly interface, it’s hard to go wrong with this resource.

Are you looking to improve the time-cost ratio of your projects? Do you need more control of your team’s work?

TimeCamp 3.0 is specifically built to help with both these things. Use this program and you’ll be on your way to saving both money and time.

3. Paymo

Are you looking for a project management solution to simplify the entire process of your project? Then Paymo is a great option for you.

Your workflow plays a significant part in how well your project plays out. Paymo specifically works to simplify that workflow.

Designed to help you through the entire project, Paymo offers several great features.

Track your work time in various ways, including a web timer and apps for several platforms. You can also use the Timesheets option.

Do you send out invoices for the work you do? Paymo’s got you covered. You can do that, along with all your other project management tasks, all within the Paymo tool.

4. JobFLEX

Estimates and bids may be a large part of your construction project. If so, check out JobFLEX.

This tool is specifically designed to manage estimating and bidding, all within an app. You don’t even need cell service.

Print, preview, and email custom forms, and quickly create estimates for your customers.

And don’t worry if you don’t know your way around technology. You’ll only need some basic tech knowledge to utilize this resource.

While JobFLEX is considered an estimating and invoicing app, it offers helpful project management tools, including adding photos to your estimates and building materials lists. Plus, you’ll get unlimited free support.

5. Rhumbix

Are you looking for a great totally paperless option? Then Rhumbix is the project management tool for you.

Whether you use it in the field or in your home office, you’ll have everything you need to work right along with foremen. You’ll also be able to amp up your productivity.

Enjoy the ability to work from an app or the web, whichever suits you best. From there, you’ll be able to track time, deliver field data, and add notes and photos. You’ll also streamline your processes and spend less time on tedious things like paperwork and time cards.

6. Asana Project Management

If you haven’t used a project management tool before, Asana is a great place to start. Its simple design will have you using its helpful elements in no time.

Use the tool to organize your crew by breaking it up into teams. Then they can work together using the tool.

Track your progress throughout the entire life of the project in the project progress chart. And use red, yellow, or green flags to get a quick visual of how on track each element of your project is.

Create custom fields to focus on what’s most important to your project. Or take advantage of what’s already there.

Other helpful features include a shared calendar and a place for conversations.

7. UDA ConstructionSuite

If you’re looking for an all-in-one project management solution, UDA ConstructionSuite is one of the best. Many elements provided in one place make for simple management that’s also convenient.

You’ll enjoy the interactive workflows and organized project data. Visual cost breakdowns offer quick views of estimates for greater efficiency.

One of the best features of this tool is its integration with QuickBooks. Automate billing and see how finances stack up right from your project management tool.

Other helpful features of this tool include contract management, job scheduling, and permit management.

8. e-Builder

This project management tool is specifically geared to improve construction projects by cutting costs and increasing productivity. It allows construction owners, managers, and foremen to keep track of multiple projects simultaneously and all in one place.

Do you want to know how well a project is going right this minute? Check out the real-time project performance dashboards. You’ll be able to access them from any platform, even a mobile device.

Take advantage of simple drag-and-drop workflow management, reporting, and customizable forms. Overall, you’ll save time as well as money using this program. You’ll also have a central location for communication and collaboration.

The Best Construction Project Management Tools

Overall, the best construction project management tools are the ones that meet your specific needs. Plenty of tools exist, so choose one that fits your situation.

If you don’t need all the bells and whistles, go for something simpler with fewer elements to worry about. If you like all the additional features, go for a comprehensive tool.

Explore your options and find the best fit. Whatever you decide, having a project management tool at your fingertips will make a world of difference.

Are you looking for electronic project management that can be done from the field? Head to our website to learn more about our product.


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